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May 24, 2009



Those husbands! Nice Grand fleece, T! What are your plans for it? Sounds like that was a trip worth taking.


That was a wonderful day and your fleece fantastically gorgeous! It was fun being second in line to you both and the pre-buying banter on the shady porch. Congrats again. Glad you got the last wee wheel basket. I love mine.


Big Guy is definitely a keeper to wait in line for you. Congrats! Hope you show the progress and the final results.


Wow. He not only goes to fiber festival with you but holds a place in line for you to spend money! I'm impressed. With the fleece, too.


What a guy! That, a fleece, a bear, and it was a grand day. Despite my being busted by your camera.


Oh my! You had the best weekend ever! How fun (for me) to see Laurie in action.


Honestly... how could you have left that Grand fleece just sitting there by itself. Nice score! :)


Good score! are you going to send it out for processing or do it yourself? I could never get Michael to go to these things with me much less stand in line like that!


That guy is a keeper! Nice fleece!


Oooh, pretty fleece! Good job, Big Guy!

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