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January 04, 2009



That's quite a wonderful list of 'to dos'. May they all come to fruition!!


Holy cow! Maybe you aren't making resolutions, but your to-do list is exhausting. I do notice, however, you didn't add in travel plans to the list.... say... to the western US......


Goals are good! And, there's enough variety here to keep you interested. Can't wait to see how these develop.


Like the idea of listing rather than resolving. I'm tired just reading it through.


Dude. That is one impressive list! You make me feel like a slug. I hope you accomplish all of your wishes in 2009. I've been thinking about weaving and then I jerk myself back and remember my poor neglected spinning wheel.


I like lists too. I have them all over the place. Yours is a big one! It's so hard to get everything we want done when there is so much we like to do!

I got on my treadmill today! I even ran (slowly) for 60 seconds a few times. It hurt a little but still it was AWESOME!

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