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June 20, 2006



Thanks for the tutorial on fleece washing. I had the same blogger plumber issue for 2 days last week but it's fine now. If you want I can send them a message with your info for you.


Wow, what a post! So much good stuff. Love the pictures of you using a diz, those little birdsnests of top look wonderful.


Over the years I have been gifted with those tulle scrubbies - you can undo them and use them for your lock washing. And spin them in the machine after washing. Now I have the urge to wash fleece. You are right, Stephanie has the sweetest personality.


No problems with bloglines.

I love this stuff...combing...carding...fleece washing tutorial (very timely and something I was researching for the CVM). And? Beautiful first weaving project. Impressive, especially given that it is also handspun.


Just incredibly beautiful fiber prep!

And beautiful weaving.

And no problem with Bloglines.


You've been a busy lady! I love what you are spinning! Tweedy and beautiful!

Your weaving now too! Wow. Your scarf came out great!

And of course, love the socks. Any socks made with Bearfoot would have to be beautiful.


Dang girl! And as soon as you finish clearing things out at your end, be sure to let me know when you can come and be as productive here with MY stash.


You, my dear, are an inspiration. One day I'll be as proficient. Or, at least that's the goal!

Diane E.

Wool preparation info. much appreciated, nice work!


Holy thousand words! Great scarf, the tweedy flecks add nice texture and color. The blue batts look yummy (can't wait to get my carder!). I enjoyed seeing photos of your fleece washing process. I'm still working mine out (and I felted some corriedale on my first try, too; did you lose a lot?).


So, I came home from Estes with a fleece (Corriedale Bond X) that I want to process myself. This post couldn't have been timelier!

The Purloined Letter

Your weaving looks lovely. I am so envious! That is next on my project list.

Do you like the rigid heddle?


Hee. I was just telling someone this weekend that my next trip to the fabric store was going to include illusion netting - bridal tulle - which I thought would be the thing that made the difference with small-batch, high grease fleece washing.

You've proved it.

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