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May 12, 2006



You two had a great time from the sounds of it! Finally I can comment!
Do you think you'd like to join Susan and I on the 27th for some dyeing fun?


Great little tidbits! Can I ask what the reason is that we shouldn't strip roving?

Reagan Costen

Thanks for sharing your wonderful time. What does JM suggest you do to keep the colors true in a roving if she doesn't think you should split rovings?


By stripping roving, do you mean ripping it into thinner lengths? If so, why not?

Congratulations on the new wheel! Your descriptions of your classes sound wonderful. So much to learn...


Wow, you learned a lot! Thank you so much for putting all those tips down --they're gold.


Now that's service... I was just coming back to ask why you shouldn't strip and there's the answer right up top in an edit. Thanks! Being still very new to spinning I really like to hear the why part so that I can understand it a bit more. Thanks for all those lovely tips, those are hugely helpful.

Terry M

Wow! Great MDSW report - I've been waiting to read this. Some day me and my fiber buddies will get out to Maryland. Glad to hear you are planning on coming over my way to BSG next year!
And yeah, those Forsyth combs are to DIE for, eh? And classes with Judith? You captured that quite well! Nice blog report.


I can see the travel brochures now.....A spinning cruise! Lots of good spinning teachers, a few ports of call, all the good food, and everyone with their Wee Robins!


Great information! Thanks for sharing. And your new wheel--wow!


Please don't cut back on bloging. I love reading about your experiences.


What a great class! This has piqued my curiosity a great deal for all the parts in between. I hope to get to her class before long. Thanks for posting the information. It's food for thought and maybe a push a buy her video!


Congrats on the new wheel and thanks for recounting what you learned.

On the not stripping top, are ya meant to use the whole top width even when spinning lace??

Also, why should knitters always use 3 ply?

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