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March 12, 2012



Community is just so important, not just when you're in transition, but for every day and it sounds like you are in the middle of a really good one!


So good to hear from you Marcia! Sounds like a great group you are involved in. Our NRA Members Council President is female and leads all of the Women on Target classes in our area! I hear you about the relatives...one of my Mom's nephews has never even been in ANY contact with my Dad or I and my 2 sister-in-laws never called me or even sent a card. I was hurt, but am letting it go. Sheesh.



I'm SO glad your extended family is there for you - How fantastic is THAT?!?

Hang in there, m'dear... you know I'm thinking about you!


I am very impressed with your path. Networks are as important as Shelley says.

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