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September 06, 2008



Wow! Not fun. Glad you were spared so to speak.


Good luck with the survival mode tonight--does not sound like fun.


Scary! Hope all is alright and the sky is clear this morning. We have a lot of debris here in NW New Jersey to clean up.


Oh Marcia!! I'm sending good thoughts to you to get you through this horrible time alone. MEN! Can't live with them, can't live with out them!


Yikes! What a scary thing to go through alone. I'm glad you came out OK. How'd the green house survive?


Oh that is awful you had to go through that alone! I hope everything is ok in your neck of the woods. Did you get any sleep?


I hope you made it through the passing of Hanna with no problems! Very scary.


We hydroplaned back from VT that day. Thrilled that it didn't come near you. I lived long enough in Ohio to have seen funnel clouds and what they can do.

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