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September 09, 2008



Oh, I feel your pain. I think most knitters will. Let's hope that you find the right project for that yarn soon to renew your faith in knitting sweaters for yourself. There is something to be said for baby stuff though. It goes way faster for one.


Oh dear...I'm not sure what to tell you. You do need to listen that voice and see if there is a fix that can be made when you hear it. Ask for help from others if you can't see what the fix should be. Knitting in a vacuum can be difficult and discouraging. However, there is nothing wrong with knitting baby clothes.


Aw Marcia. I am so sorry you are having such trouble with that sweater. Stupid sweater! Maybe you don't need to rip the whole sweater though. If the body is ok, maybe you just need to try something else for the neck.

I have made a LOT of sweaters for myself that didn't work out...so I can relate.


Beyond discouraging. Heart and fabric rending. What about designing your own collar? Something that is size-appropriate?


Dang - that stinks! I hear you on the socks though. There was a line in that movie "In Her Shoes" where the frumpy sister collects Manolos that she never wears and she justifies this to her sister by telling her "They always fit" - which is how I feel about handknit socks.

kathy b

Im so sorry. we all have those knits. I just felted a swing coat that I spent a summer on. It itched and fit terrible. Now that Ive felted it, I may be able to make it a vest. I hate wasting my time and money on something that doesn't turn out.
The magic of socks is that they are gorgeous and they get used.
I have to go back to socks, right after this sweater. Top Down raglan with some shaping at the sides.....I still have the sleeves to knit. Here's hoping....

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